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Michiko Inamoto Reconnection Certified Practitioner & mentor
Michiko Inamoto
Certified Practitioner practitioner & Mentor

Michiko Inamoto - In addition to working as an event producer, TV reporter, radio personality, and managing a business, Michiko Inamoto has worked as a Miyazaki Prefecture Gender Equality Planning Regional Leader, and she has continuously worked closely connected to the community.
She has a long history as a radio personality, and in recent years she has been creating a program that showcases healing (AKA power) spots.

Among all this, there was a reason Michiko decided to devote her life to working with Reconnection. The reason was, in 2007, when she attended a Reconnection session and seminar in Sydney, she was suddenly freed of the hip joint pain that had been plaguing her for 37 years. Michiko's life was changed dramatically.

Michiko would like to share this happiness with as many people as possible. And so, in November of that same year, she obtained Level 3 certification in Tokyo. It was then she began her work as a real practitioner.

Then, feeling that she would like to further share the wonderful information about Reconnection, she attended the TA and mentor training program in Los Angeles during September 2010, and she is currently participating in this capacity.

Michiko's life mission is to live with a smile, and to bring smiles to the peoples of the Earth. Los Angeles, Tokyo, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium - Michiko is currently traveling the world with her friends at Reconnection. These travels will no doubt continue.

Michiko wishes to express her heartfelt gratitude that she is able to meet so many smiling people around the world.